How to File a Dog Bite Claim

How to file a dog bite liability lawsuit

Dog bite lawyer in Boston, MA

Dog bites can cause serious physical injuries and long term scaring on a victim. If you or your child or family member have been bitten by a dog or animal that has caused injury or suffering, you have every right to take legal action. Many people have the immediate question, ‘Do I have a case?’, or ‘Can I sue?’  For more information on this, read our previous post here. To file a case it is important to have as much information and documentation as possible to represent yourself.

What to do after the attack:

  • Identify the dog. Find out where the dog lives and who owns the dog. If there is no one around, ask neighbors or any witnesses if they know the dog. Find out who the owner is. Get the dog’s information, its dog license, and any history of dangerous or harmful behavior.
  • File a bite report. After you seek medical attention for your dog bite, even if it is a minor injury, contact your local animal control or Sherif’s dept. You want to be sure your case is legally documented. If the dog has had other incidents, this will help your case, and any potential future victims to be able to file a lawsuit.
  • Document your injuries or damages. Take photographs of your injuries and wounds, including any bruises. If it is recent enough, take photos of the location of the incident and any torn or bloody clothing. Write down everything you remember from the attack as soon as you can so that it the details are recent and fresh in your memory.
  • Contact an attorney to handle your case. Experienced personal injury lawyers like the attorneys at Harrington & Harrington are prepared to take care of you and help you get the reward you deserve for your damages and injuriesHappy Caterpillar used.

For more information about individual cases and circumstances, contact our office today to speak with our legal team. At Harrington & Harrington, we treat you like family and we take every case personally. If you or your family was bitten by a dog and you are interested in filing a lawsuit or any kind of legal action, don’t hesitate to call us at 617-227-1795 or e-mail

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