Pool Owner Liability Tips for Summer

Prevent Personal Injuries at the Pool

Pool injuries are common in the hot summer weather, and can happen just as easily at a public pool, a neighbor’s house, or even at home. If someone is injured in a pool accident, they can file a liability claim against the homeowner or pool owner.

As a home owner with a pool, you need to be aware of potential liability issues that your pool presents. From all of us at Harrington & Harrington, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves, but we would like to remind New Englanders that they are responsible for their safety of their guests, friends, and neighbors. Swimming pool owners should take note to correctly follow laws and regulations to avoid liability in the case of an accident.

 Common swimming pool injuries include:
  • Slipping and falling near a pool
  • Diving board accidents or malfunctions
  • Unsafe pool parts – including drains and filters
  • Drowning

The cause of these accidents are many, but you should do everything you can to ensure that these won’t be a risk to you, your family, or your guests.

You can prevent most of these types of accidents with proper supervision of the pool area. Be sure the kids aren’t running around or doing anything dangerous near the pool or off the diving board. Be aware of alcohol consumption near the pool. The affects of alcohol can cause people to become more careless and prone to accidents. You should also put a fence with a locking gate around your pool to prevent children using the pool without supervision.  If someone is in your pool when you are not home, as the homeowner, you may still be found liable.

Prevent drowning by being aware of your guests swimming abilities and health conditions. Some people find taking a course in life guarding helped them to better protect their guests from accidents.

Limit hazards around the pool to avoid personal injuries . Have your pool checked before swim season for any repairs needed after the winter. Check the diving board for cracks, notify everyone if it seems unsafe.


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