Unexpected Risks of Bad Driving

Dangerous Driving Puts You at Risk for Personal Injury & Insurance Increases

Our Personal Injury Law Firm handles a lot of car accidents and we want you to be aware of the consequences of breaking the rules of the road. Drivers who habitually violate driving laws are more likely to be presumed negligent when involved in a car accident claim. Save yourself the hassle and the risk by driving safely and responsibly.

Bad driving habits not only are you putting yourself and your passengers at risk, but also the people around you. This isn’t limited to obviously dangerous driving such as speeding, recklessness, or drunk driving that could cause accidents or physical harm. Minor violations can also get you into more trouble than you think. Something you may assume is harmless such as not signaling or wearing a seat belt not only puts you in danger and at risk for a citation, but you also risk significant increases to your insurance rates. Don’t wreck your budget long term with increased cost of insurance. Avoid bad driving habit and behaviors to prevent risk and higher expenses.

Putting on your seat belt could save you 5% on your car insurance

Points on your license and infractions of the law will increase your rate. The reason for this increase is that insurance companies assume that people who commit these kinds of moving violations will make more violations. They assume that you are more likely to be involved in a collision and you become a risk that will cost them more money by injuring or killing yourself or others in a vehicle. A ticket for a seat belt violation alone could increase your costs by 5% and a DUI will lead to an increase around 93%. Just speeding could cost you 20% more and a failure to signal would increase your insurance cost by 19%. A long term increase in the cost of your insurance can majorly affect your regular budget as well at the immediate cost of traffic citations, fines, and legal costs.blow up twister

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