Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s Compensation, also referred to as “Workman’s Compensation” or “Worker’s Comp”, is a system of laws instated to protect injured workers. If you are injured at work you are entitled to receive appropriate medical care, any wages lost as a result of the injury, and any necessary rehabilitation needed to return to work. Should the work-related accident result in the death of an employee, their family is entitled to these benefits.

Injured workers should seek immediate legal consultation to protect their benefits and defend against employers prematurely terminating their benefits. Most workers are unaware of their entitled benefits through the workers compensation system. Litigation  takes place in an administrative setting, making it simpler than other personal injury claims.If you have been refused benefits, denied disability, or have been asked to return to work before you are medically able, you should seek legal action.

If your employer sends you to a doctor who declares that you are able to return to work even though you don’t believe you are yet able, or tries to get you to return to work to a special job created to accommodate your injury, you should consider speaking to a comp lawyer right away. Employers know how the system works and are likely to try and terminate an employees benefits to avoid the extra expenses. Don’t be fooled, employers will often create a position to accommodate your injury so that you can return to work sooner, but they will often find out  a few weeks later, the position was only temporary and that he is laid off – and no longer eligible for workers comp. Contact an attorney right away to protect your benefits and your position.

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