Brockton, MA Personal Injury Lawyers

Brockton PicBrockton, MA is located in Plymouth County and is the seventh largest city in Massachusetts. Brockton is known as “The City of Champions” because of the success of Boxers Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler, who both call Brockton their hometown.  With an average wind speed of 14.3 mph, Brockton is one of the windiest cities in the country. Brockton is home to the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, which is comprised of 65 musicians from Brockton. One of the most well-known figures in all of football, AL Davis (owner of the Oakland Raiders), was born in Brockton, MA on July 4, 1929. Brockton is made up of two villages, Montello and Campello.

Located in Downtown Boston on Tremont Street, we serve clients in Dorchester and Boston from Back Bay and to the Financial District, Brighton to Jamaica Plains, and Chinatown to Charlestown. We cover all aspects of personal injury law in the Greater Boston Area. Were you or your family member hurt or injured at work? Harrington will stand with you through the process of recovering your due benefits from Workers Compensation. If you were hurt in a car or motorcycle accident in Dorchester, we will help you through personal injury claims court to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.


Personal Injury & Insurance Claims

At Harrington & Harrington, we are committed to providing Dorchester and Boston with the best care and service for any kind of  accident or injury.


Car, Motorcycles & Auto Accidents

If you were involved in an accident – driving, walking, or on a bicycle – and you were hit, or hit someone, we can represent you. Our injury attorneys are experienced with everything from bicycle and pedestrian accidents to trucking and motorcycle accidents.


Workers Compensation

If you or a family member suffered a serious or fatal injury at work, we will guide you through the process of receiving workers compensation. Many companies will try and fool you out of your rightful benefits. Our injury lawyers will represent you to protect the compensation you are entitled to.


Injury, Neglegence & Liability

Harrington has helped many clients claim liability against dog bites, slip and falls, as well as defective products and claims related to nursing homes such as neglect and abuse to the elderly in nursing homes.


Why Choose Harrington & Harrington for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

We are a family law firm, we understand the impact an injury or car accident can have on your emotions, your health, your  job, your family, and your life. Our first concern is for your well being. If you were injured in an auto accident, we make sure that your medical bills and repair costs are covered so that you and your vehicle are returned to pre-accident condition as soon as possible.


Daniel Harrington Sr. has been working for years with clients in Dorchester with personal injury clients in neighborhoods at our location on Tremont Street, downtown Boston. In 1994, Daniel Harrington Jr. joined the firm and helped his father expand the business to help clients as far away as Brockton, Lynne, and Mattapan.


Today, the firm handles nearly 1,200 cases a year. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury resulting from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, workers compensation, and slip & fall settlements. If you or a family member has suffered a serious or fatal injury in Dorchester, contact us today. We pride ourselves in helping our clients get the care they need so they can continue to work and support their families instead of chasing insurance claims. We will offer compassion toward our clients and provide aggressive representation in court. More than anything else, we understand how important it is to take care of family.