How Do I Receive Lost Wages After an Auto Accident?

What happens if you are injured in an automobile accident and you can’t go to work?

Often, after an accident, you don’t realize the pain right away. You are scared, nervous and/or anxious and the rush of adrenaline will stop the pain for a few hours or longer. Many people wake up the next morning and can barely make it out of bed. Your best action should be to see your primary care doctor, emergency walk-in clinic or the local ER. After your evaluation, ask the attending physician for an out of work or “disability” note. This will cover you for your employer and the insurance company.

Many people don’t know this, but your personal auto insurance covers you for your medical or personal injury expenses, which include items such as lost wages. In order to get compensated for the time you have missed from work, the insurance company usually requires a disability note. This can be from any doctor that you have seen for your initial pain that feels you need time to heal before returning to your normal duties.

Personal injury law firms, such as Harrington & Harrington, P.C., are able to help you get paid for the time that you have missed by working with your employer, the insurance company and filling out the appropriate forms. Remember to get a doctor note and tell your attorney as soon as possible if you have been out of work. Contact us today for more information on receiving the compensation you deserve!

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