Slip & Fall Injury Information

To prevent slip & fall accidents, homeowners have a responsibility to keep their home & property hazard free. If a visitor is injured, the homeowner & homeowners’ insurance can be held accountable for any medical bills accrued.

Under the Premises Liability, homeowners are responsible for the following:

  • Securing loose cords
  • Shoveling snow
  • Clearing ice from pathways
  • And more

While is it evident that the homeowners are responsible for individuals on their property, we have to define these individuals.

  • Invitees are people such as postal workers, contractors or anyone whose initiation is understood.
  • Trespassers are people who enter a location without permission from the homeowner. While trespassers don’t have permission, you still need to ensure your property is safe.
  • A licensee is a member of your family or a guest who has permission to be on the property.

Examples of accidents that can fall under the Premises Liability are:

  • Dangerous interior construction, for instance uneven staircases, damaged railings, etc.
  • Failure to shovel snow & ice
  • Ladders & construction equipment that isn’t put away  appropriately
  • Yard & home construction that isn’t properly marked off
  • Uneven steps & pavement
  • Poorly lit pathways & steps

Typically a homeowner will have homeowner’s insurance that will cover the medical bills of someone who is hurt on their property. Homeowner’s insurance is not only beneficial for the person injured, but also for the homeowner.

If you have been involved in a slip & fall injury & need legal advice, contact Harrington & Harrington at 617-227-1795.

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